Zero Waste/Zero Landfill Programs

Forward looking companies and companies participating in GRI Reporting; have identified the value of developing zero waste/zero landfill programs for their facilities. Unlike our competitors, Waste Integration does not own landfills or incinerators and is uniquely positioned to drive these programs and achieve these goals. We have a history of successful implementation and the ability to roll out programs on a large scale.

Landfill garbage waste in dump yard Sustainable Goals

Zero Waste/ Zero Landfill Programs support sustainable goals for environmental protection, economic development and social/community well-being. Developing the proper Zero Waste/Zero Landfill Program will help you demonstrate your company's dedication to corporate citizenship among all levels of stakeholders including investors, policy makers, employees, and customers.

By adopting a Waste Integration Zero Waste/Zero Landfill Program for your company, you will see multiple opportunities for cost reductions.

Reach Your Sustainability Goals

To achieve your sustainability goals, you must have a proper program and implementation plan. A custom waste plan can help you reach your next level of environmental savings. Call us for details.