Businessman presenting a sustainable development concept The definition of sustainability is operating our organization and living our lives in a manner that meets the needs of present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their needs. Waste Integration's ultimate goal for your business is a zero impact to our environment through our waste audits with respect for the natural environment. We understand reducing operating costs and generating savings is an important goal for your business. Committing to a sustainable plan that reduces your waste stream sends a positive message to all of your stakeholders – and sets a clear objective for your organization.

By not adopting a positive waste strategy, you could be putting your organization at risk. Your stakeholders might interpret your inaction as having a short term “kick the can down the road” attitude toward environmental awareness. A lack of awareness in regard to sustainability might also be perceived as a tolerance for a lack of productivity, inefficient material flows, and wasteful behavior.

Helping Companies Reach Their Sustainable Goals

Working with Waste Integration means you are partnering with an organization that not only understands sustainability, but has already helped hundreds of companies identify opportunities to reduce waste and reach their sustainable goals. Recently, we even expanded our services to include a sustainability scorecard and support team. We believe this brings added value to our clients for a number of reasons.

  • Added educational resources for facilities to help them become more compliant

  • Additional assistance to clients to reach their goals and ensure success

  • Establishes a formal review process at the regional, district, and local levels

  • Increases our understanding of operational concerns

  • Invaluable to the implementation of action items

Read Success Stories

Being a pioneer in waste management, we have developed a huge client base that includes many Fortune 500 companies. Read some of their client success stories. Email us if you want to share your experience with us.