In 1993, Weyerhaeuser, a container board packaging company, founded Waste Integration to provide waste and recycling services for their clients. Four years later Weyerhaeuser sold the company to a private investor who was passionate about finding sustainable solutions to manage customer waste streams. In 2004, Debbie Mathews accepted the role of President and pursued a progressive business model, which emphasized customer focus, innovation and technology. Under her leadership, Waste Integration developed a management team to implement her vision and expand our managed services offerings to meet ever changing client needs. In 2005, the company completed the certification process and was designated a Woman's Business Enterprise.

Completely Managed Services

Today, we are one of the largest companies in our industry segment providing managed services for waste and recycling programs. We operate on the cutting edge of solution development and continue to seek ways to help our customers add financial, environmental and social value to their businesses.

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Our team has some of the highly qualified and experienced professionals with a vision for strategic business development. They worked together and made sustainability solutions a reality for many green conscious companies. Read about the expertise of our leaders.