About Us

Waste Integration is a registered insured privately held Certified Woman Owned Business that leads the market in providing innovative waste prevention, sustainability and recycling management services. Being independent lets us do things our way – without constant downward pressure from shareholders and investment banks. As a result, we are able to concentrate on your bottom line – not shared savings practices and mark ups to pad our own.

You can rely on us. Our ownership structure and management has more than 150 years of combined industry experience, and has not changed hands in the past 10 years. That allows us to leverage relationships and networks to provide strategic, market, financial, and sustainability advantages. When we take over for your overwhelmed staff – letting them focus on your core business – you can expect a smooth transition with knowledgeable, supportive service.

We deliver results that are quantifiable, transparent, optimized and honest. Our comprehensive reporting software is unmatched in the industry and provides the critical tracking information you need to monitor results, and highlight key metrics. We have also developed a sustainability scorecard – further increasing our analytical capabilities.

Over the years, we have saved companies millions of dollars. However, it would not be as meaningful to us if our services and strategies did not have just as significant an impact on our environment. In one year alone, our recycling efforts saved 2,514,725 trees, lowered energy consumption by 603,090 megawatt hours, eliminated 8,875,500 lbs. of CO2 emissions, reduced oil consumption by 20,113 barrels and saved 8,325 tons of iron ore from being strip mined. Those impressive results would not be possible without the trusting relationships we have forged with our clients in over 4,000 North American locations.

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We have been in the managed services business for more than 20 years. Read about our history to learn about how we completed the certification process and started our waste recycling programs. Call us for details.